Real life in Hollywood

0004 - Maria Gabriella - New York to Italy to Hollywood

November 25th, 2019

Maria GabriellaMaria Gabriella grew up in New York, studied opera in Italy, then moved to Hollywood to study sound engineering. She has her degree and works as a singer, DJ, and all around music specialist. Her story of having to move 8 times within a year and a half is overwhelming. Hollyhwood has been a struggle, but she has also met her soul mate on the way to fulfilling her dreams.

0003 - Ricky Schultz - A Record Exec Turned Actor

October 5th, 2019

Ricky_Schultz_POD_Photo.jpgRicky Schultz worked 40 years in the record industry, much of the time at Warner Bros. Then 9 months ago, he turned to acting. Starting from zero, he has booked over 50 jobs and has the key goal to enjoy what he's doing. He talks at length about the record industry, what it was like, how it changed, and now how it's a challenge to start all over again in the world's most elusive profession. Ricky Schultz's IMDB

0002 - Shar Mayer - A Premiere Scare Actor

September 30th, 2019


Shar Mayer is a world-known scare actor. She appears in Netflix's Haunter's: The Art of the Scare. She started at 10 years old and has never stopped, despite a devastating attack by a patron at one of her jobs. She loves her Tesla. She has a book coming out next year. Her 2019 October scare is at The 17th Door in Fullerton, a fright show only for the heartiest... but no fears, there is a safe word for those wanting out... and a lot do. 
This is Shar's Website. Her Instagram and Facebook are "Shar Mayer."

0001 - Sara Murphy - A New Actor in Hollywood

September 18th, 2019


Sara Murphy has been in town a little less than 2 years. She shot a 3-epsisode pilots that's being shopped to the major streaming services. She talks about tazing a stalker on the street in K-Town. She explains her method and equipment for recording video audition self-tapes, and more. SARAH'S IMDB
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